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The Waterford International Festival of Light Opera

Hosting amateur drama companies from all over the world, the popular Waterford International Festival of Light Opera presents an excellent programme of performances. This competitive event is open to all amateur societies who aim to wow the audiences and win the coveted International Festival Trophy. There are numerous other awards ranging from Best Opera to Best Sound. Built in 1788, the venue for the performances is Waterford's elegant Theatre Royal in the centre of the city

Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel


In November 2005 Jeremy was approached by several people to come up with ideas for smaller shows to be performed at the Waterford Festival. He was given the literature and thoroughly researched the event.

Thus ‘Tustin's Troupe' was formed in the early part of 2006 to put on a yearly ‘smaller' show with members of 3 societies that Jeremy regularly directs for– Croft House Operatic, Rhyl & District Operatic and Sheffield Teachers.

It was decided in 2006 to take over a production of ‘Gypsy', but at the last minute this had to be postponed for a future year because of rights problems. "Tustins Troupe" then took over ‘Spend, Spend, Spend' which was very well received over in Ireland as this was a premiere for them.

In 2007 they took over a production of ‘Grand Hotel', which again was a first for Ireland.


‘Spend, Spend, Spend' (September 2006)

Nominated for Best Female Perfomer and Best Professional Director

Won best newcomer to the Festival – Rachel Whittingham for her portrayal of Young Viv

‘The show was well cast with some good cameo roles and principals well suited to the raunchy style. Strong forceful singing, as one would expect from Yorkshire miners. All the cast of this well balanced chorus were alert and involved and each retained their individuality'

‘Lively adventurous company and congratulations to Jeremy Tustin for working so hard on such a tight schedule. He brought something quite different, both evocative and memorable to the festival'


‘Grand Hotel' (September 2007)

Won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress

'Stylish production of this all too rarely performed musical... direction was tight, each moment when the plot moves forward there is an enormous imput by both director and players.

Grand Hotel
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